Anderson Valley California
Veggie and Fruit Stands

Gowan's Oak Tree
6600 Highway 128, Philo, Ca
707 895-3353

This roadside garden and orchard is located 2.5 miles West of Philo on Highway 128. Open every day June-March 8 am - 6 pm, December-March 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. The Gowan's and their ancestors, the Studebaker's have been growing at this site for 120 years.  Jim and Jo Gowan (pictured above) are now in their mid seventies but you can still see them working at the stand. With the help of their children and grandchildren they farm 250 acres of apples and peaches plus a 25 acre vegetable garden. Here is a list of some of the fresh fruits and vegetables you will see at Gowan's:

Fruits. Apples sixty varieties, Pears eight varieties, Peaches thirty eight varieties, apricots, berries, cherries, prunes, persimmons and plums.

Vegetables. Peas two kinds, Summer Squash six kinds, Tomatoes fourteen kinds, Cucumbers three kinds, Beans six kinds, Potatoes four kinds, Cabbage, Corn eight kinds, Peppers eight kinds, Eggplant, Winter Squash fifteen kinds, Pumpkins eight kinds.

Cider. Gowen's makes award winning cider out of several of their heirloom apples. It can be purchased at their roadside stand.

Other items are: Indian corn, Ornamental Gourds, Strawberry Popcorn, Walnuts.

This is a year-round business but of course not all varieties are available at the same time however, fresh and frozen apple cider, fruit popsicles and dried fruit are available all year.

Petit Teton
18601 Highway 128 Yorkville, Ca.
707 684-4146
4 miles east of Boonville at mile marker 33.39

This is a family farm that grows and produces vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers, nuts, eggs, pigs, yaks and cows. They can and preserve jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles, krauts, baked goods, meat and soups.

You are welcome to stop in and tour the farm and meet owners Nikki and Steve or you can visit them at the Anderson Valley Farmers Market in Boonville on Saturdays from 9:30 to noon in the parking lot of the hotel in Boonville, CA.

Farmers Market on Saturdays    

Located in the parking lot of the Boonville Hotel, in downtown Boonville, this is a good place to buy local fruit, vegetables, bread, plants and flowers. The market is open on Saturdays from 9:00 till noon, first part of May till the end of October.