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Mendocino County, CA Home of Waves, Wine and Weed

Are you interested in taking over this site? I'm getting worn out and would like for someone in the valley to take on the responsibility of keeping this site up to date. This is a non-profit site for the purpose of keeping locals and visitors informed about whats happening in Anderson Valley. It isn't brain surgery, I didn't know squat about site development when I started 20 years ago. If you have good computer skills you can have a good time playing with this site. It's free to the right person. Otherwise I may just shut it down. Spread the word or contact me HERE. Jim Rutherford

Where is Anderson Valley?

Anderson Valley is located between mile marker 9 and mile marker 50 on highway 128 in Northern California. Boonville is the center of the valley in activity and population and is about two and a half hours north of San Francisco and about thirty minutes from the Pacific Coast. Highway 128 is a twisty two laner that runs between Cloverdale and coastal highway 1. It is heavly traveled on the week-ends by tourist from the San Francisco Bay Area headed to and from Mendocino Village and Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast. The valley is sparsely populated on mostly large parcels with most people living in the hills and not in the communities listed above. You can also visit Boonville by flying into the Boonville Airport which is a 10 minute walk to downtown.

What do we do

Back in the day this was a redwood logging community with plenty of timber cutting and saw mills but times change and there is only one small sawmill left in the valley. The cows and sheep are also mostly gone and the land now supports vineyards. We grow, press and ferment grapes that make wines equal and sometimes better than any in the world. Our wineries are loaded with gold metal awards and ribbons and serve these great wines in 30 + tasting rooms every day. We also brew world class micro brews at the Boonville Brewery. These beers are popular throughout the west but can also be found in many areas around the country. We host the Boonville Beer Festival that brings in 40+ brewies from all good beer drinking regions. We also grow and enjoy our share of great "medical" marijuiana. There are plenty of wild pig, turkeys and deer to hunt which provides good sport and eating. We also have several apple orchards and great artist of all kinds. We also have our own cheese creamery. You can find more details on these and other subjects by checking on the links above or below.

About this site

This site has been developed by a private individual with no financial interest. This is a community page and thanks to those who have made comments, suggestions and provided information. If you are a business, club, organization, group, or individual, or none of the above, that has information to share, please contact Me

If you are a visitor, welcome to the neighborhood. If you don't find what you are looking for I will try to find an answer for you.

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